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ANNE ELISABETH, Independet French Fashion Designer in Paris

Poetry by Sabine Péglion

what "Anne-Elizabeth" sows
it's a poem

 we slip with happiness!
in the pictures
of his travels
we stand up vigorously
when we try all his tailors
trousers jackets sweaters
here pile up jostle each other
  colors materials forms
embrace and transform us

 we would need so much time
to thank so many talents

You can not give up
all your "fan" on the pavement
they are so proud to be dressed
by a friend who chose
with passion and reflection
to transform
            yes in true fairy
every moment of our life
with a wand
Magic ?
no it's Anne Elisabeth
and we tell you a big THANK YOU

"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

[...] All about Anne Elisabeth

A sheet of canson, tubes, a music that since yesterday trots in my head: DOUCE France. A desire for certain colors, blush pink, peach, violet, bluish green, tangy green, lagoon, apricot. I spread the gouaches. An intention of painting, without premeditation. Suddenly my brushes fly, somehow take their liberty. I am behind, high, on a hill, I paint standing, I see the valley.

The painting takes its rhythm, suggesting me meadows, hay bales, trees lodged near thatched cottages. Charles Trenet sings

Soft colors, cottony, reflecting the "Dear country of my childhood, cradled in tender carelessness". Tribute to a singer-poet who, the time of a chorus, inspired me a drawing.

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