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ANNE ELISABETH, Independent French Fashion Designer in Paris

Anne Elisabeth is a Parisian designer. Her style is unique. She specializes in floral prints but not only ...
Her clothes look like her, they are cheerful, feminine, colorful, comfortable ....
She always manages to dazzle us a little more with each new collection by its creativity, its originality, its colors.
I've loved this brand for 20 years. 
Thanks to Anne Elisabeth's clothes, every day I manage to find a print that matches my mood at the moment and keeps me feeling good all day.

All prints are exclusive, and created by her.


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Customers review

Customers review

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Anne Elisabeth Paris



24 reviews

ISabelle Toulouse


Chic and cheerful clothes, retro cuts, dapper colors.

 Dominique Paris


Magnificent collections from season to season

To wear clothes created by Anne-Elisabeth is to dress in works of art, of inspiration renewed each season: magnificent designs, original and sumptuous prints, a superb color palette, and beautiful comfortable materials.
The welcome in the boutique is attentive, warm, personalized with a special mention for Alexandra rue Mabillon.
The rue de Turbigo boutique is also very pleasant and I have had the chance to meet Anne-Elisabeth a few times there, who is a wonderful advisor and a great artist.
I have loved her clothes since I discovered them twenty years ago in the former boutique on rue des Rosiers, it seems to me.
And we also find in its shops gifts to offer to our friends, our sisters or sisters-in-law, our goddaughters or our nieces: stoles, bags, scarves ...
Many thanks Anne-Elisabeth

And long life to your brand which enchants us

 Ghislaine C Paris


Once again an attentive and VERY qualitative welcome: listening to my needs / expectations, and especially advice on the choices. I remain a fan of these colorful collections that light up my wardrobe.


Reviews left on Google

Anne Elisabeth Paris

France, 10 Rue de Turbigo, Paris



67 reviews

Isabelle F


Cheerful, chic, feminine, original, current collections, with a little retro touch. Lots of pep, fantasy and poetry. Returns and credits made without any problem. A French (and Parisian) brand to support.

Marianick C


I have known this brand for years, cheerful and colorful collections. These products never go out of fashion.

Alas, I left Paris! And it is not always easy on the internet. The covid does not help with travel.

 M S


Frankly ++



Françoise R


 Bella B


Anne Elisabeth is a precious address: original, colorful or classic creations, patterns that tell something with poetry, perfect cuts for all sizes and a very pleasant and patient welcome. In the basement of Turbigo old collections at low prices.

 Sophie F


 Christine B


It is always a great pleasure to come to my favorite store on rue Turbigo. Share a few words of humor with the sales staff, and feel so much like a woman by trying out these colorful creations. On the 1st day of deconfinement in 2020, I really wanted to give myself a gift, and I got myself a great little flower dress !!!

 Isabelle C


 Yolstella T


Loyal customer.
Passage required each time in Paris.
I am never disappointed; timeless style with the originality of the fabrics.
I always have compliments on my flowery outfits even in the dead of winter.
Long live Anne Elisabeth

  Tchérina A


Very nice dress
Quick and neat delivery
Thank you for my birthday voucher
I recommend +++
See you soon

benedicte V


I love it, everything I order fits like a glove, the tops, dresses, pants and materials are always quality, and the prints are original

  Jasmine E


I love what Anne Élisabeth does, I have dressed at her house for years. I love her creativity, her fabrics. It balances my heart when I go to his shop

  Ayalah L


I think I have known Anne Elisabeth fashion since its very beginning in Le Marais. I still wear her / these delicious clothes. It s happy, well cut, solid and timeless. Too bad to share it with the girlfriends !!!

  Hermine A


Very nice wellcome

Robyn C


Michèle T


I have "dressed" Anne-Elisabeth for almost thirty years! And I continue to greatly appreciate his creations:
- fabrics: one of the rare brands to continue to create in 100% cotton,
- prints that are always original, colorful, bright, fresh, humorous, in short everything you need in life, and especially in this gloomy period.
- without forgetting the high quality always there.
I am therefore an unconditional, an aficionado, a fan (atic!), In short, a total addict! To try Anne-Elisabeth is to adopt her

  Isabelle J


Always good advice to change your habits Professional and charming saleswomen, very good advisers

  Frederique L


Very nice cuts, dresses that fall well, the pants are very comfortable and above all I like these cheerful collections. In the basement, the Outlet!

 Sylvie S


Clothing with character, full of charm! and an excellent welcome

Avis laissés sur Google

Anne Elisabeth Paris

France, 20 rue Mabillon, Paris



32 avis

Lysiane R


Les créations de la styliste Anne Elisabeth sont d’une perfection réconfortante quand on veut s’habiller avec élégance originalité et facilité
On se sent bien dans ses boutiques et on trouve toujours le vêtement rêvé que beaucoup de femmes nous envieront

 Luce F


La boutique n’est pas très grande, mais elle recèle plein de richesses et les conseils sont pertinents ; ne pas hésiter !


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"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

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