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ANNE ELISABETH, Independent French Fashion Designer in Paris

Evasion at dawn to the theater of greenery along the Seine.

On the granite terraces devoured by HERBES FOLLES, I spread my swatches, I invent my UTOPIA. Elegant listeners pose on the PALETTE DU PEINTRE, in MURANO, COTTAGE or CRAZY BLOOM printed dresses, in blouses sown of PAVOTS. Silence and BONHEUR DU JOUR, the PHILARMONIE Recital will begin.

The storm is rumbling and getting ready for its big laundry, tonight other elegant women here in the arena of this little Prieuré will dance a furious FOX TROT.

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"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

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