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ANNE ELISABETH, Independent French Fashion Designer in Paris


 Isabelle L


I live in the United States and order since the opening of the first store.

I'm never disappointed and I still wear all the clothes that I buy each season and that always arrive very quickly.

When I travel to Paris I go to the store and I always receive a very warm welcome. I have never had so much success as in Anne Elisabeth's clothes. They fit me perfectly and the design of the fabrics is incomparable

Carola S


A magical shop with very beautiful creations, modern and original, very well cut with beautiful fabrics. The saleswomen are adorable, we find the spirit of a fashion house with very affordable prices.

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All our prints are exclusive and created by Anne Elisabeth


New concept: a collection created in my old fabrics, jealously guarded since my beginnings

A way to revive original, magical, eternal prints, at attractive prices.


My fabrics are my treasures. I will never be able to abandon them. They are waiting for me like old friends to find a new life.

 Today, they reappear renewed, enriched by this kind of current that we call fashion, but which is none other than the translation of our desires of the moment.

Surprise me, I surprise you.

Of our years shared through this beautiful story of colors, I drew the quintessence, your favorite dresses and skirts, your favorite pants, jackets and tops.


MABILLON is closing soon,

Thank you all for coming in large numbers.

The train is still running, the wagons filled day after day with vintage!

You will love it!!!

Very low prices, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70…

And new items day after day…




While…, on the other side of the Seine,

Turbigo unveils its Winter 2022!

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Customers reviews


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"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

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