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Private Sales, Advocacy for Small Brands

Ladies, and dear customers,

Thanks thanks thanks !!!

Last week, we sent to all our clients an "Advocacy for Small Brands", in response to the incessant private sales that big brands are doing in France, which makes it very difficult for us to survive.

The big brands can afford to make discounts permanently because they practice huge margins on the initial price, (purchase price of a few dollars sometimes, very high selling price of other times).

We, we can not, we are different, we do not have the same approach, and we have no plans to make promotions at any time.

We remain artisans
We only do small series, very expensive,
Each garment is thought, designed, created.
Each fabric is created by us, then made in Italy, or in France.
Nothing comes from China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Madagascar.
We run our own factory. Our employees are properly paid

Our prices are calculated at most fair

Reading this letter, the reactions of our French clients were extraordinary. We have received countless messages of support.
Many have come to buy in the shop, sales on the internet have never been so important, including those outside France.

The support you give us gives us a warm heart.
We must continue, we must offer you new collections again and again.

Thanks to you, we will prepare the next collection.

The roller coaster of globalization, the standardization of tastes may not have won this time.

Your "little" particular french brand will survive

But it's not totally won, it will take us several months to return to serenity.

Tell your friends about us, share around you, make the buzz, we must expand our "fan zone".

Next week, I tell you everything about my small factory that I set up 18 years ago, 

Anne Elisabeth

List of messages we have received:

To see all messages, go to the French version of the website

"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

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