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ANNE ELISABETH, Independent French Fashion Designer in Paris


from 25 to 27 November

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More than 200 models

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In all latitudes, exquisite dresses with an eternal silhouette, bohemian trousers, tops and skirts, romantic shirts,

my timeless forgotten past times.

It's smart

It's beautiful

It's magic

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Isabelle L


I live in the United States and order since the opening of the first store.

I'm never disappointed and I still wear all the clothes that I buy each season and that always arrive very quickly.

When I travel to Paris I go to the store and I always receive a very warm welcome.

I have never had so much success as in Anne Elisabeth's clothes (...)

Carola S


A magical shop with very beautiful creations, modern and original, very well cut with beautiful fabrics.

The saleswomen are adorable, we find the spirit of a fashion house with very affordable prices.

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All our prints are exclusive and created by Anne Elisabeth


Focus on 4 of our Winter 2022 prints


La Sonate à Kreuzer


Flower print, corollas like stylized saucers, on a dark bronze background.

The piece of fabric and Mr. Tolstoy met on a station platform  de tissu et Monsieur Tolstoï se sont rencontrés sur un quai de gare.

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Impressionist fade, Tachiste print, evoking a painter's palette, minimalist

"Have I told you about my dream, Anne?"It's mom's voice.

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L'étang miroir



Carla's Song

Carlas-song photo dentrée

Painting print, carpet of small flowers and leaves, available in 2 variants, one blue, the other pink.

Don't look for any link between Ken Loach, from whom I stole the name of his film, Carla's Song, with impunity.

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Painting print, black canvas illuminated with white, monochrome and minimalist.

Urbain, Urban, constructivist, the pale light poeticizes the concrete blocks at night.

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Mon usine

Usine d'impression


"I dress you, you are the mainstreaming of my Inspiration."

I hear your desires of feminity. For a long time became established between us a dialogue made of colors, freshness, peculiarity. Still further, I would dare, it is my inner music.

Yes I dare ever stronger prints because you are incredibily audacious. You raise luxuriant gardens, road books, we travel together, we speak flowers and cities, orchards and fowls.

You told me that I accompany you in your life, I tell you you are my heroines.

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