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Trip to Africa 1973

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It was a piece of my life before, before I design and create prints, before I dress you.

Immerse in the adventure story of Anne and Alain ! You will tremble, laugh, hold your breath, vibrate to the rhythm of the 48,210 kilometers traveled over a year, in a 2CV on African tracks, with just a map at 1/1400000, small butane gas stove.

I wrote this book 50 years ago. The young girl that I was never forgot the smells of this land, blazing sunsets, the kindly welcome and sharing. Africa was the founding moment of my life. Today I want to pass on a testimony of travel and Africa in the 70s.

Must I admit that I laughed out loud when I reread it, I was even afraid, above all I was amazed at our audacity.

Enjoy reading !

I wrote every day in my little notebooks, I have 13 of them! !Livre-fiche-produit-g

Standard format (140 x 216), 480 pages