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Jour 34 / Day 34

Published on 05/1/2021


JOUR 34 / DAY 34

Spring Summer 2021 collection

First lockdown confinement (March to May 2020)

Every day, I write in my little notebook.

DAY 1: "I accept, I get organized".


DAY 4 : cherry and plum trees in bloom.

DAY 5 : I garden.


DAY 8: My mom has found a foolproof ploy.

So as not to get lost, she puts small pebbles around her house, until she has walked for an hour.

I write the family chronicle "The fish in the jar".


DAY 16: I write "as long is the night, at the end the day arrives" ... Who said it?



DAY 20: The Queen's Speech.

And night after night, like millions of confined people around the world, I watch Casa de Papel…


DAY 24: heatwave in April, it is 26 °.

DAY 34: sun setting, I get on my bike and cross around my city.


Lawns and deserted roads, at a street corner, along a fence,

I stop , photography wisteria and buttercups, spirea, orange trees from Mexico,



and even the enigmatic pink tree, later baptized, for lack of encyclopedic knowledge, the Nameless Tree ...



The virginal character of this flower print took me to territories that are precisely easy to wear every day,

in a skirt or trouser suit?

But also in a shirt that will illuminate plain pants, and quite simply jeans.

Obviously the poplin dresses are essential!

Couture or quiet, everything will be in the accessorization!

chemise-niagara-jour-34 imprime

Shirts: 100% viscose

Fluid and soft, a great alternative to close-fitting mesh tops.

Pure viscose, we adopted it definitively!

For those resistant to ironing, no worries: dry it on a hanger, it will smooth out at your body temperature.

b robe-la-fiancee-du-senateur-jour-34 (1)

Skirts and dresses in 100% cotton poplin :

Jupe la Comtesse, robe La Fiancée du Sénateur, Salopette Taxi Brousse.

Ultra light poplin, with its fine and tight titling, as smooth as glossy paper, it floats.

At the slightest draft it ripples, rivaling in grace and fluidity with precious silks.

Your accessories will make it sophisticated or de-theatrical.


b veste-la-croisette-jour-34-creatrice-paris-glamour

Skirts, dresses, pants and jacket in polyester/elastane poplin.

Robe Dalida, Jupe Mirabelle, pantalon Gus, Veste La Croisette

Heavy and matte poplin. It moves with majesty, adjusting with a hint of spandex. Machine washable, cannot be ironed. Very modern.

b etole-jour-34-mariage

Stole: Cotton / silk

the chameleon accessory,

swirled around like a scarf, or deployed as an elegant stole covering the arms, for example for a cocktail, a ceremony ...