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Mon Chou

Published on 04/4/2024


Spring-summer 2024

Mon Chou

Original print, pastel work on checkered tablecloth.

What delights there are in forgetting the world around you, concentrating on the humble execution of a still life.

Diderot gives a wonderful definition for these inanimate objects, fruits, leaves, carafe…: a “silent life”.


Within a few days of each other, I showed two paint jobs to my family and my team.

Firstly, the “Bottles” which you already know,

then « Mon Chou ».


My sister exclaimed, I want a "chou" (cabbage) for my new kitchen!

MonMy team, not even afraid!  

You have accustomed us to so many fantasies!

A cabbage,, oh my god !

Trousers and a shirt would be hell !!!

pantalon-gus-imprime-mon-chou-femme-les-halles-paris-large-court-stretch a

So my friends, dear customers, do you like “Mon Chou”?

A print is more complicated than that…

So many parameters come into play, the ratio of the design, in width and height,

the flattering color close to the face, the modernity, the graphics. graphisme.


So I broke the rhythm by introducing small frames,

as if we were sitting at the table in the kitchen,

with the photos on the walls.

I slipped in other drawings executed in acrylic:

my rhubarb


my apple, my pear

ma Pommema-Poire

And even my hornet gathering pollen on a purple flower!Frelon

So many colors that capsized the greens and orange of the cabbage, the red of the checkered tablecloth

Each painting punctuated the past year.

Let’s celebrate my last summer collection with color, boldness and indulgence!

chemise-resiste-imprimee-mon-chou-original-les-halles-paris c



2 fabrics to sit on in the kitchen!

 Polyester poplin, heavy and matte, dedicated to skirts, pants, jackets and dresses.

It moves with majesty, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

Machine washable, do not iron.

Very modern and particularly suitable to accompany the MON CHOU print.

veste-la-croisette-imprime-mon-chou-femme-original-stretch a

Viscose for shirts, a tribute to excessive femininity.

Fluid and soft, modern.

For those who resist ironing, don't worry: dry it on a hanger, it will smooth out the wrinkles at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee...

top-shiva-mon-chou-petit-haut-leger-petit-haut-imprime-viscose-leger a