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Radio Londres

Published on 11/8/2023


Fall-Winter 2023

imprime Radio-Londres

A story of colorful rectangles and squares silhouetted against a black background.

A few years ago I was in London, at the Saatchi Gallery, for the exhibition dedicated to the Rolling Stones.

Rolling Stones a

Everything appealed to me, the tie collars, the fitted jackets,

the mini-skirts, the velvets, the staging and the mythology of an entire generation:

Pirate broadcasts from the Radio Caroline boat,

the collision between a wise universe for tidy young people and revolutionary audacity.

These colored rectangles, once an allusion to London,

posters and album covers,,

have progressed to my new vision: urbanist.

jupe-mirabelle-imprime-radio-londres a2

With a musical and scenographic heritage, Radio Londres stands out today

as Ma Villa Radieuse.

robe-jess-imprime-radio-londres c

Imperfect cubes, squares or quadrilaterals,

overlap like so many colored openings.

In this vertical village with burgundy polychrom,

wine lees, blue, concrete gray, purple, ocher, canary,

the electric white floods in through the windows,

triggering light and joyful waves.

veste-la-croisette-imprime-radio-londres-femme-graphique-stretch c

Radio Londres, your cult print!

I revived it and expressed it on a smooth and clean material that embodies the modernity of the sixties !

It’s up to you to be daring for unique pants,

a rock-and-roll jacket, an A-line skirt or a Baby doll dress!

robe-after-hours-imprime-radio-londres-femme-petite-les-halles-paris c

"If the sun comes into the house, it is a little in your heart", said Le Corbusier…


One fabric only !

Polyester poplin, heavy and matte, dedicated to skirts, pants and dresses.

It moves with majesty, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

Machine washable, do not iron. 

Modern +++

pantalon-gabin-imprime-radio-londres a