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Bouteilles (bottles)

Published on 09/28/2023


Fall-Winter 2023


Original print, a staging of Bottles arranged in a line and crossed by light.

Sometimes I show my painting workp to my family, my team. I still have stage fright.

One day, however, I brought my bottles to Turbigo.


Unanimously, Isa, Yumiko, Carolina, Morgane cried out:

“but why don’t you make a print, Anne?”

Would I dare? Bottles ?

A play of transparencies executed with pastels,

the elusive ray filtering through the bluish glasses,


emerald, blue oil and duck, anise, olive, burnt orange and choco, transparent, black and purplish black.

From the flower petals to the glass blower, everything is fusion, shimmer, sparkle, play of shadows and light.  


With an A3 canson, I mixed the installation,

repeating my pastel endlessly until I lose the first reading:

a small counter with almost empty bottles.

Only the autumn atmosphere remains,

the echo of the forests radiating with a thousand lights!


And only one desire: that my print fades in favor of clothing, serving as a setting for the face.



2 fabrics to toast!

Polyester poplin, heavy and matte, dedicated to skirts, pants and dresses.

It moves with majesty, adjusts thanks to a hint of elastane.

Machine washable, do not iron.

Very modern and particularly perfect to accompany the BOTTLES print.


Viscose for shirts, a tribute to excessive femininity. Fluid and soft, modern.

For those who don't like ironing, don't worry: dry it on a hanger,

it will smooth out at your body temperature.

What I call, the elegant negligee...

chemise-resiste-imprime-bouteilles-original-les-halles-paris a