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Published on 10/23/2019


Fall Winter collection 2019-2020

Utopia Hiver 2019

Emotional , UTOPIA sprang from my pastels, impulsive restitution of an exhibition last winter.

pantalon Gus Utopia

I am a sponge. A field of flowers, a film, an exhibition, everything is matter, everything is color, everything is printed on the film of my brain.

Sitting on the ground, stunned by so much daring, I experienced the gigantic projection on the walls of the houses of the brilliant Viennese architect HUNDERTWASSER as an emotional tsunami.

Embarked by thunderous music, textile images were already taking shape in my head. Back to my workshop.

I traced out the lines, restored the composition, planted trees, lit windows, enlarged, minimized, I had fun as a child with his pastels.

Hundertwasser is the painter I would have loved to be.

No hesitation as the reasons are in perfect adequation with my desires:

pants 7/8, skirt, short, corolla or pencil.

But also fluid dress, top and shirt, everything is fun, everything is fine, everything is stylish!

Jupe Androamque Utopia