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La Cigogne

Published on 10/25/2018


Fall-Winter 2018

They are so beautiful, our storks. It was a love at first sight.

Their feathers are divinely drawn, a gradient of shiny white and matt white, the black border that we guess below, light and shade, so silky that we want to pass the finger on.

The neck stretched out horizontally, the legs in the extension as for a classical dance figure, they take flight or dive, the wings in flag.

The beat is so palpable that we seem to hear the whistling of the air.

They have long, pinkish legs, and their long, straight beaks are also reddish brown. It is precisely this transposition of red for a purple background that is sublime.

It gives a warm, boudoir atmosphere, evoking Japanese screens.

We can feel the caress of a setting sun, iradiant gold the moiré sky.

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