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Published on 05/17/2023


Spring-Summer 2023 collection

Imprimé Maestro

Artist's work 150 x 120 cm, on kraft paper,

deconstructed and revitalized in favor of a graphic and modern print


I had a Master, he taught me everything.

One day he bought a drawing from an American artist.

He said "I'm going to show you something".

Tableau artiste-Maestro-c

He always did like this, caught me off guard

to catch my reaction and decide whether or not he would undertake the expensive fabrication of the frames for the print.

I had no doubts, had no idea of the financial stakes of a print.

With Gérard I learned to break down a drawing into a number of frames,


to evaluate the final, reasonable and achievable price.

At the time, I had such a crush on MAESTRO

that G. sent the artist's painting to the printing factory.

It was an incredible success.


Previously… G. had such a power of listening and intuition that he did not hesitate to follow me and

"to make it go" (consecrated expression) the painting towards a joyful, modern, impertinent concept of colors.

We have reworked each mini story

(spots, circles, stripes), illuminated,

reduced empty spaces, added a dapper pink,

a snow white and a meadow green.


After DMC closed, the painting was rolled up and remained with Eric for many years.

G. is no longer there.

The painting ended up at home, invasive, witness to an extraordinary relationship between an artist, a conductor and a fashion designer.


In writing to you I contemplate the painting.

His beauty has faded.

A strange thing appeared, as if it had been modified.

As if he had aged. It has become the pale reflection of a magical era.

Each of you is thinking of Dorian Gray.

I am thinking of G., I am also thinking of the phoenix, endowed with great longevity.

veste-la-croisette-imprime-maestro-femme-graphique-stretch a

Somehow like a beautiful print that can have a thousand lives.

The circle is complete.


MAESTRO has nothing to do with the large tissue paper anymore.

It doesn't matter how the drawing falls. It tells a story.

All pieces are unique, and all are always beautiful!


Well done, MAESTRO!

2 times...

Polyester poplin, heavy and matte, dedicated to dresses, skirt or trouser suits.

It moves with majesty, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

Machine washable, do not iron.

Very modern and particularly fitting to accompany the MAESTRO print.

veste-la-croisette-imprime-maestro-femme-graphique-stretch a

Light 100% cotton poplin

Honor to our beautiful sleeved, buttoned dress, the Sans Souci!

 robe-sans-souci-imprime-maestro-graphique-vintage a