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Published on 10/15/2020


 FALL WINTER 2020-2021 Collection


Spotlight on our admirable sweaters with birds names ...

Like the avocet, the osprey or the falcon, we nestle in knits made of a precious merino / cashmere and silk blend.

Knitted in Italy in a small family factory, nest of refinement, charm of the discreet Milanese bourgeoisie.

Where Antonella plays camels and whites, I decline the colors of autumn.



One word: FREEDOM

Everything is spectacular:

The deguingandée line, slightly trapezoid,

very long sleeves, square armholes,

The height of the ribbing contrasting with the bare finish of the neckline which is hemmed on itself.

A center line completes the architecture while at right angles

4 exquisite colors: bottle green, blue, black, apricot.

A look that oscillates between arty and bohemian-chic.





Oval neckline, charming with the possibility of revealing a blouse or a necklace.

Everything is grace:  ribbings, quivering like dimples,

mini ribbing at the neckline but finished at the bottom and raw cuffs, hemming on themselves.

4 exquisite colors, burgundy, yellow, blue and black ...., transcended by a jersey mounted inside out, with a curly appearance.

Many reasons to adopt our darling sweater, elegant like the bird avocet which strides gracefully on our lagoons:

you wear it like nothing, does not break the silhouette. An almost perfect classic ...



Slightly long sweater, knitted all in one piece,

Turtleneck without demarcation neckline

, which you can wear in two ways:

classic and perfectly installed like in the sixties magazines,

or sagging in a rock and roll style.

A hint adjusted, it lands on the small hips,

or tuck into the belt by tying it up lightly.

4 shimmering colors, apricot, yellow, bottle green and burgundy.