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Carla's Song

Published on 10/26/2022


Fall Winter 2022 Collection

carla's song

Painting print, carpet of small flowers and leaves, available in 2 variants, one blue, the other pink.

Don't look for any link between Ken Loach, from whom I stole the name of his film, Carla's Song, with impunity.

It is a drawing that has germinated in me for a long time.

Como duomo-como

Let's go back. 2019 is confinement, there are no more collection meetings, but there is, unfailingly, the long collaboration with my Florentine friends.

Zoom under the glass roof of their huge style office: Rita scrolls through marvels, paper designs, fabric designs, sketches or archives.

Pinto a

From my house, I feel like I'm at the Fabric Fair!

The method: two heaps, one perhaps, the other absolute favourite, immediate selection.

Once, twice, I review until I keep the essentials, a constructed, complete collection, with my fundamentals, flowers and graphics, romantic and rock.


Among all these models, one of them charms me with its movement, its freedom of gesture, I feel a breeze.

At the same time, it is a complex design, with a dichotomy that is difficult to negotiate in couture


It looks like a shore, the back and forth of wavelets breaking on a flower border.

A marine ink, a burst of oranges and reds on a white background, a frieze sketched on a virgin beach. Too complicated....


Two years pass. One collection chases another. I'm preparing for the winter of 2022. And I'm bringing out my frame shots from the confinement period.

I'm looking for a little flower.

Flash! I completely deconstruct the drawing, eliminate the blue frieze, transform it into an all-over


An imperative, keep the composition charming: flowers that seem to turn in a perpetual ballet, tender their corollas in a maternal grace,

their little huddled in buds barely hatched on a dense plant bed, whose humidity you can guess.…

I said to Rita: take the blue from one print, the green from another… Contrast the colors, turquoise and lilac, fuchsia and mauve.

Declines the roses as in the days of Taxi Mauve.



Carla’s Song it’s ANNE ELISABETH DNA…

robe-billet-doux-imprime-carla-s-song-rose a


I interpreted CARLA'S SONG in 4 fabrics, a pink and blue distribution according to my heart:

Blue: In heavy and compact cloth for your favorite dresses, skirts and pants.

This polyester poplin moves majestically, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

It is machine washable, does not iron.

pantalon-gabin-imprime-carla-s-song-bleu a

Also blue, in mercerized cotton jersey for tops and shirts.

Top-of-the-range knit, with a matte and dry appearance.

Elastane provides comfort and stability.


Pink: in crepe knit for your divine dresses,

Phil, Satin Doll and the lovely Billet Doux you may not know yet


In viscose for the shiryts, a tribute to excessive femininity.

Fluid and soft, modern.

For those resistant to ironing, don't worry: let it dry on a hanger, it smoothes out at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee....