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Published on 04/4/2020

Dear customers,

It was not easy to write to you last week when we are all suffering from this pandemic.

Confined, we all are. Confined, we will be still four weeks, right?



But, we must think thurther, look at a color world, dream, because one day this damn virus will be behind us.

We will meet our friends, we will bask in the sun,

stroll, dance, wear our beautiful dresses, pick up our children after school,

will visit our grannies.


Last week I proposed a mini series of masks (40).

 We had negative thoughts. And reflections on the risks run by the deliverers.

But we also had a lot of thanks, a lot of encouragement.

And even an order from a doctor in Germany! To whom I reiterated that my masks were really not suitable for a doctor ....


We processed all your orders but, we all understand, we are dependent on the post office delivery time.

 This week, we're leaving everything on the site again, and since we're already at the end of March, all of Winter is at -50%.


Grande BraderieNouvelle Collection


And why not play the TV presenter in a printed telework shirt and impress your team during the videoconferences?


You still can  join us

by email ( or by phone + 33 1 42 33 12 71.

 We will take care of your orders as usual, even if the delivery time is increased.


I hope no one around you has been infected, and if so, that he (or she) is in good hands, or already healed.

Get well, protect your family,


Stay home!