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Crazy Bloom Bleu rouge

Published on 10/1/2019


Fall Winter Collection 2019-2020

Crazy Bloom Hiver 2019

Electric shock, blues and oranges colliding with each other, causing a vegetal fire, flowers blooming on changing ocean, ultramarine and sapphire,indigo azure mated..

CRAZY BLOOM was born green, I already told you. And like two brothers, each one his personality, one vegetal, the other aquatic.


In the dark room of my brain there are drawers of colors, I immerse my soul and my heart, "I see" my drawing, I metamorphose.

But I have to transmit the exact colors to my printer factory

I am looking, this time physically, in my glass jars the exact blue, the exact orange,

I keep the white, which is light, I hesitate for the leaves between a rose to soften, or an olive.

Finally I try two posibilities. A few days later I receive my frame shots. Both are fantastic, and this is the eternal dilemma, eternal renunciation: to choose only one ...

It will be this blazing fire that I imagine in dresses and shirts.

A few square centimeters that will be enough to blast a winter's day!