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Cottage Turquoise

Published on 10/1/2019


Fall Winter Collection 2019-2020

Cottage turquoise Hiver 2019

Comme un vitrail éclairé par derrière d'un néon bleu, COTTAGE diffuse son énergie froide et psychédélique, urbaine.


A perfect design crosses the generations.

I created it almost twenty years ago, on poplin dresses, in a dull, ethnic atmosphere, where the eggplants and chocos were along the blacks.

Is it mood, is it the time? It seemed to me dull suddenly.

Here it is metamorphosed, as if the houses buried in the entanglement of trees were lacerated with flash.

Modern drawing that I dedicate to stretch poplin. Dresses and skirts, a hymn to gaiety for the dull days of winter ...

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