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Published on 10/2/2018


Fall - Winter 2018

My first prints were large areas of colors.

I was in Ramatuelle under the canisses of a sheepfold. I started my job, manipulating gouache tubes like a potter. It is with this energy of beginner that I created the print BATEAU.

Since then, I keep in boxes these drawings smeared with blues, red, yellow, green.

They are my memory.

ARTY crystallizes this work.

I cut into my cansons, cut rectangles, squares and trapezes,  introduced in the manner of a Chef ingredients one by one, leaving the workshop a few hours, returning with a fresh eye, tasting, scrutinizing this black cauldron which shimmers differently according to the light of the morning or of the finishing day.

Small papers sailing like colorful boats in a harbor, aligned, parallel, pushed by the same breeze.

Badly glued, patched, my color tips sway and rise on the crests, leaving the imprint of a shadow.

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