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Published on 05/12/2023



Discover REVIVAL Collection, a minimalist universe

composed of rare fabrics jealously guarded

for their perfumes and aromas,

their history, their quality...

* * *

REVIVAL was born from the unthinkable idea of abandoning fabrics.

In my education we do not throw away, neither the fabric made, nor the material in its raw state.

The house of my childhood, my house, my workshop,

so many places full of cups, planks, small rolls.

Atelier création Anne Elisabeth

Treasures and Collectors,,

it's a story we've been sharing for 40 years...

Cahiers de création Anne Elisabeth Paris 

Behind each print hides a precise work,,

and thousands of insomnia:

draw, choose the right color,

transmit the picture that forms in my mind.

Peinture Anne Elisabeth Paris

Color centimeters, flower petals, material,

as many means pinned on a document

which will be the working base for the stylists, at the printing factory.


After my part, the whole chain of industrial craftsmanship starts:

metering the ink, preparing the fabric,

make the first frame shots that are submitted to me for validation.

I adjust, I light… until the end: the production order.


These fabric cuts are a priceless treasure

that I dedicate to limited series.

They are my mythology. They are memory.

I used to know these factories.

Passionate people explained the tricks of the profession to me.

Modestly, but proudly, I feel the custodian of their know-how,

I am a link in the textile history of the Rhône and Vosges valleys.


Some designs are familiar to you,

others unknown because never in collection.

Some prints appear on a new fabric,

a cotton for a skirt for example.


Discover these new pieces, designed with love,

with only one thing in mind, always:

feel pretty, confident in our image.


Today, my archives reappear renewed,

enriched by that kind of current called fashion,

but who is none other than

the translation of our desires of the moment.