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La Nef Ecarlate

Published on 12/15/2022


Fall Winter 2022 Collection


Spectacular abstract painting, with dominant blue and red.

It accompanies me everywhere, it obsesses me, what does this drawing mean to me?

Dog and wolf atmosphere, I'm leaving the metro,


silent Haussmann buildings plunged into darkness on the left,

roar of a mad highway below.

Tightrope walker I step over studs, along palisades,

walks around concrete blocks.

Cirque Romanes

No harmony, barriers, a construction site, and at the end, a gate.

I push the heavy red curtain and, shock,

I am assailed by bright lights, colors, aggressive beauties.


It's the circus.

Where there was only a tangle of broken lines, arches and pillars take shape.


The hubbub and the laughter catch up to me in a contagious whirlwind,

my drawing hugs the cornices and the backstage,

the marquee stretched on golden poles. The time of a gypsy show,

I imagine an overturned Caravelle, a vessel, a purple geode.


through these visual and sensory perceptions, I wanted to describe to you an ordinary creative process.

Paintings by Karibou  ( about the Tzigane Romanès circus)

How an unknown designer's sketch in London became the scene of a waking dream

where I absorb colors and shapes.

Geometric material, saturated with blue, red, bottle green, black, and delimited by copper edges.


How a vacant lot, the great works of Paris, the Vuitton foundation the day before,

a circus the next day crossed swords to end up in the Scarlet Nave.


I interpreted LA NEF ECARLATE in 2 subjects:

In mercerized cotton jersey for tops and shirts,

and even a new little dress.

High-end knit, with a matte and dry appearance.

Elastane provides comfort and stability.


In velvet, the star of winter.

Shimmering like stage fabric, thanks to the viscose combined with cotton,

it brings the cozy and warm side to your wardrobe.

Cozy and very comfortable, stretch requires