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La Sonate à Kreuzer

Published on 10/31/2022


Fall Winter 2022 Collection


Compartiment a

I was in a compartment with three people.

An already elderly woman, a friend of hers who turns out to be a lawyer,

and an ageless man with white hair.

The woman and the lawyer talk about male-female relationships…

the white-haired man joins the conversation and pretends love doesn’t exist…

La-Sonate-a-Kreutzer ab

Then he introduces himself, his name is Pozdnychev and he killed his wife.

The stage is set. Tapestry in soft colors for a loving dialogue,

the beautiful wife settles down at the piano.

Troukhatchevski the young violinist accompanies her, they play Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata.

Pianiste et violoniste e

An atmosphere of glances, of meetings, of the rustling of fabrics in autumnal colors:

robe-billet-doux-imprime-la-sonate-a-kreutzer b

a bronze background, imperfect almost duck blue corollas with a smoky gray outline,

olive leaves like spots and black spaces that highlight the composition.

chemise-elle-lisait-sophocle-imprime-la-sonate-a-kreutzer a

As long as a drawing has no name, it has not penetrated my soul.

Tolstoy accompanied me for two or three days, the time to dream, immerse myself and draw...



2 interpretations for a recital:

The crepe knit for your divine dresses, Phil, Satin Doll and the lovely Billet Doux that you may not know yet...

and the lovely Billet Doux that you may not know yet...

pantalon-gabin-imprime-carla-s-song-bleu a

Viscose for the shirts, a tribute to excessive femininity.

Fluid and soft, modern. For those resistant to ironing, don't worry:

let it dry on a hanger, it smoothes out at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee...