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L'étang miroir

Published on 11/2/2022


Fall Winter 2022 Collection


Impressionist fade, Tachiste print, evoking a painter's palette, minimalist

"Have I told you about my dream, Anne?"

It's mom's voice.

We walk along small rivers. The trees lean from side to side, the branches intertwine. Suddenly mom says.


I dreamed that the sky was a mirror where all the nature I had below was reflected.

Do you remember that Anne?

We lived in a building above the Parc des Princes.

I'm three years old.

It was a lake.

The trees were reflected in the lake and the whole landscape on the ground was reflected in the sky.

It was very pretty..


I was preparing last summer...

A dive into a dream, which has lived in my mother for eighty years,

determines the fate of a mini model,

as big as a painter's palette, variegated.


Printed on a piece of cotton, I imagined frail multicolored boats, blurred,

tossed about on a rough blue sea, sparkling with a thousand white crests breaking in a constant roll.

It will be the Mirror Pond, (l’Etang miroir).


Oceanic or vegetal, I still hesitate.

Summer ? Winter ?

Transposed onto velvet, muffling the tones, a cheerful design lights up the dark days of winter!

Knowing how to wait... Obsessive period of gestation...

robe-phil-imprime-l-etang-miroir b

Two variants prevail:

fusion of emerald, turquoise and coral blues,

it is the luminous canvas of an endless Indian summer.

Tribute to dresses and shirts.

Atomization of golds and blues, the days are getting shorter,

on we bring out the sweaters and the boot

and it is an autumn landscape, on velvet.


L’Etang miroir was born, it's your dream isn't it mom?

veste-madame-a-paris-en-imprime-l-etang-miroir b

The dialogue of two stories, one oceanic, the other vegetal, for 3 materials:

Oceanic: in crepe knit for your divine dresses,

Phil, Satin Doll

and the lovely Billet Doux that you may not know yet...

robe-billet-doux-imprime-l-etang-miroir b

In viscose for the shirts,

a tribute to excessive femininity. Fluid and soft, modern.

For those resistant to ironing, don't worry: let it dry on a hanger, it smoothes out at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee...


Vegetal: in velvet, the star of winter.

Shimmering like stage fabric, thanks to the viscose combined with cotton,

it brings the cozy and warm side to your wardrobe.

Cozy and very comfortable, stretch requires.