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Published on 10/26/2022


Fall Winter 2022 Collection


Painting print, black canvas illuminated with white, monochrome and minimalist.

Urban, constructivist, the pale light poeticizes the concrete blocks at night.


The word BERLIN, why?

Probably like the Bauhaus style born in Germany in the 1920s: 

cubic or square, functional and devoid of ornaments

A minimalist, timeless, refined and simple style that goes straight to the point.

Berlin C

According to the Bauhaus style, the pierced windows had to be square,

covered with noble materials, and aligned in the pure Prussian tradition.

I like…


Thrown in a scruffy fashion, the strokes are hesitant, poorly finished, and yet observe a frame:

a thick tile, cut with imprecise lines

Nothing is rigid, the squares are rectangles,

a little high, a little trapezoid, a little deformed.


There is no coldness or hardness in this monochrome, steel-black composition.

A regularity emerges, soothing.

Berlin E2

The print disappears in favor of the garment,

it serves as a jewelry box for the face, it envelops you like a tartan, a tweed, it is discreet, and easy.

BERLIN, a word that sounds, hits, it has imposed itself, I can't help it...



2 fabrics for BERLIN:

Polyester poplin, heavy and matte, dedicated to skirts, trousers and dresses.

It moves with majesty, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

Machine washable, do not iron.

Very modern and particularly fitting to accompany the BERLIN print.

robe-after-hours-imprime-berlin (1)

Viscose for the shirts, a tribute to excessive femininity.

Fluid and soft, modern.

For those resistant to ironing, no worries:

let it dry on a hanger, it smoothes out at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee...

chemise-resiste-imprimee-berlin a