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Place des Fêtes

Published on 04/18/2022


Spring Summer 2022 Collection


Abstract print, checkerboard of very colorful flat areas on a white background

Are you dreaming? Me when I daydream in the sun, I see twirling petticoats, falling drapes, dance floors, I draw in colors and I'm twenty years old...

When I started my job, unaware that it would take me too far, long, forever in short, no print presented in textile fairs inspired me

This is how I picked up my brushes the first time.


Dare I tell you that PLACE DES FÊTES is a psychoanalytical journey.

Unconsciously I was climbing a brick wall, interrupting myself for hours, wondering, where was I going?

Acrylic flats thrown hastily, in a flashy mess,


where lagoon, violet and mauve rub shoulders,

pink and plum collide,


Peach, orange and anise rub against each other, lit up on all sides with a powerful golden yellow.


That was lockdown, I made breaches…

My canson paper has become too narrow,

I turned it in all directions, added strips, sealed, cut.​Place-des-fêtes-intermédiaire-b

​It has become material


leading to a wall of multicolored bricks, where the word JOYEUX is displayed in large letters.

z robe-talons-aiguille-imprime-place-des-fetes a

Place des Fêtes swings in 3 subjects!

Dresses and skirts in light 100% cotton poplin

Our basics: Darjeeling and Talons Aiguille dresses, La Comtesse skirt. 

zz robe-darjeeling-imprime-place-des-fetes

In mercerized cotton jersey for tops and shirts.

Top-of-the-range knit, with a matte and dry appearance.

Elastane provides comfort and stability.


zz top-nijinski-imprime-place-des-fetes a

The stole : the chameleon accessory

swirled in a chèche style, or deployed as an elegant stole covering the arms, for example for a cocktail party, a ceremony...

No woman is unaware of the thousand ways to appropriate a scarf of two meters of silky cotton, light as the breeze...