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Published on 04/17/2022


Spring Summer 2022 collection


Print "Oiseaux", mosaic of old photos, linked together with paint.

One day Christine A. said to me "Oh Anne, I have a collection of encyclopedic cards, illustrations of birds that might be of interest to you...

I was a teacher in a small school, we removed asbestos, emptied the attic...

My eyes fell on these cards nestled in cardboard boxes, they were going to go up in flames, I saved them from oblivion.


They were there long before me you know, they date back to the twenties.

The teachers of the time taught natural sciences to young schoolchildren with illustrated cards.


One day I'll bring you some, they are exquisitely fine, you'll judge...».

For three years, these few words remained etched in the back of my mind, adding to the thousand ideas stored for a future collection...


This day happened..


I returned to my house clutching the images like treasure borrowed from an art collector. I already knew…

First step, browse the different pockets: waders, birds of prey, doves and gallinaceans….


Second step, take ownership, select "my little birds", as Christine told me on the first day.

They are of an adorable delicacy, some with their heads bowed,
imploring the beak,

others in full flight, or among the flowers


others in full flight, or among the flowers


higher from tall grass,

or in couple..

I give them little names, manta ray, yellow helmet, flat skull, blue throat,


I love the little one perched on a pine branch, it's my favorite, it reminds me of my grandson..


Third step: photograph my best of

Fourth step: make an "installation" on a large sepia canson and extend the herbs and buds with a brush,


Fourth step: make an "installation" on a large sepia canson and extend the herbs and buds with a brush,


cherry petals, thoughts, the blue streaks of the sky, measuring out the void for breathing and uniting the images, creating an ephemeral work, half photo half painting.

Step Five: Deconstruct and Magic!

My print was born!


I have no doubt that you will be like me, touched by the goldsmith's work of this wonderful Swiss artist born in 1851!!


I tell myself that my mother may have had these images in her hands, in her little school in Corrèze.

In my own way, I pay homage to this gentleman, Léo Paul Robert, poet of nature...


Four expressions for my Birds, there is something for everyone!… 

In heavy and compact material

for the Baby Doll dress,

the Mirabelle skirt and the Gus pants,

without forgetting the La Croisette jacket which will make you a delicious ensemble.

z veste-la-croisette-imprimee-oiseaux

This polyester poplin moves majestically, adjusts with a hint of elastane.

It is machine washable, does not iron.

Viscose for fluid shirts and tops, a tribute to excessive femininity.

z chemise-resiste-imprimee-oiseaux

For those resistant to ironing, no problem: let it dry on a hanger, it smoothes out at your body temperature.

What I call the elegant negligee…

Dresses and skirts in light 100% cotton poplin 

Our basics: Darjeeling dresses and Talons Aiguille,

La Comtesse skirt and Gustave pants.

And a new sleeved, button-up dress makes its debut, the Sans Souci!

z jupe-la-comtesse-imprime-oiseaux

The stole: the chameleon accessory,

swirled in a chèche style, or deployed as an elegant stole covering the arms, for example for a cocktail party, a ceremony...

tourneboulé façon chèche, ou déployé en élégante étole couvrant les bras, par exemple pour un cocktail, une cérémonie…

z etole-oiseaux

No woman is unaware of the thousand ways to appropriate a scarf of two meters of silky cotton, light as the breeze...