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Suite Royale

Published on 09/19/2021



Fall-winter 2021 collection

All-over drawing dotted with flowers painted with rapid brushstrokes, on a messy interlacing of stems and leaves.


A flight of flowers as light as the wind, led by a magician conductor.

top-penelope-suite-royale-caramel-imprime b

As under the impulse of an invisible stick,

the stems dance in clear arabesques,

a clear blue line which indicates the tempo and gives its power to the drawing.

In this pictorial dance,

the leaves perform a palette of blues, petroleum, sapphire and ultramarine, sky and Prussia.

top-le-sphinx-suite-royale-caramel b

But the charm of this painting has a secret,

and its source comes from a swarm of pure white petals.

top-le-sphinx-suite-royale-caramel e

It literally illuminates the drawing,

tickles the awkwardly sketched flowers.

Winter red brushstrokes revolve around a fixed point,

their black heart.

I interpreted SUITE ROYALE in three atmospheres,

altering nothing of the composition printed by my invisible conductor.


A caramel background for cotton knit tops and shirts.

t chemise-abbey-road-suite-royale-caramel b

This terracotta base is the star.

In stretch poplin, heavy and matte, it sticks beautifully to the wardrobe of dresses, skirts and pants.

t robe-jess-suite-royale-caramel-imprime (1)

In velvet, it brings the cozy and warm side to soften the winter.

An almond background for flattering shirts close to the face.

On the dark green background I dedicate velvet only, the 'iconic skirts Miss Lala, Odette and Gaby have not cold, Charlie et Frère de Gus pants, Odette and the charming little Madame à Paris jacket ...