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Published on 05/1/2021


Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Bayadère belongs to my family mythology..


But before entering our lives, there was: "the first time".


I started my job, oscillating between enthusiasms and frustrations,

I remember having been constantly thirsty for crushes, surprises,

as I walked through the Textile Trade Shows,


I was always disappointed by the poverty of the drawings,

in any case "they weren't talking to me".



Hence my amazement when one morning, arrived for a collection meeting at my printer,

a stylist shows me a piece of fabric gleaned from a second-hand clothes.

Absolute crush. My printer engraves the drawing.

BAYADERE was born.



In a way, it will become my signature:

a mixture of flowers and exoticism,

an artistic paw,

a sensual painting more than a polished drawing,


a rhythm of lines conferring a modernity.





Decades later, and according to the fashion cycle,

a beautiful drawing can have, and must have, several lives.


Give back to Caesar what belongs to him:

I keep the original variant and dedicate my cotton dresses to it, including the iconic Talons Aiguille.



The other two balance the tale:

an intense mauve yellow, to illuminate,

and a plum-red symbol of warmth and sensuality



fluid parts in viscose,

or fresh in cotton,

tops and shirts, bohemian in every way!


b chemise-sagan-imprime-bayadere-jaune-mauve-intense

Tops and shirts in stretch cotton

Top Isadora, Top Roxane, chemise Sagan

Premium mercerized cotton jersey, matt and dry appearance. Elastane provides comfort and stability. This is the new darling of Anne Elisabeth printed tops!

b pantalon-gustave-bayadere-rouge-imprime-large

Skirts and pants in 100% viscose

Jupe Formentera et pantalon Gustave

Modern cousin of silk, viscose glides over the skin, it breathes, it has that je ne sais quoi of "elegant crumpled" which gives a bohemian allure, a side "daytime negligee", which the obsolete term evokes charm and refinement..

b jupe-la-comtesse-bayadere-jaune-pale

Dresses and skirts in 100% cotton

Robe Chloé, robe Talons Aiguille, jupe La Comtesse 

Light poplin. Like all new fabrics, this super light poplin is so interesting.