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Spring Summer 2021

Published on 03/14/2021

Spring summer 2021 collection

  my new prints



a Jour-34-DSC_9525

Every day I write in my little notebook.

DAY 4: cherry and plum trees in bloom.

DAY 24: heatwave in April, it is 26 °.

DAY 34: sun setting, I get on my bike and crisscross my city. Lawns and deserted roads.

At a street corner, along a fence, I stop, photographing wisteria and buttercups, spirea, orange trees from Mexico. Surrealist period, forever linked to my Quest for Print

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a Atlantique-DSC_9587-ae

It's the story of a skirt found in my grandmother's trunk.

Recolored, it has not aged a bit.

I saw boats there, which naturally took me to an atmosphere of a submerged continent.


Caravels caught in the spiral of blue waves, their primary-colored sails uniting in a sunny regatta.

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a Bayadères-DSC_9473

BAYADERE had several lives.

In a way, he has become my signature:

a mixture of flowers and exoticism,

an artistic paw,

a sensual painting more than a polished drawing, a rhythm of lines conferring a modernity

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a Formica-DSC_9539

An old friend, this drawing ...

It has always been with me, defies time, lends itself to new colorings, adapts to the times.

He knows how to be discreet, graphic, deep, warm.


He's the tomboy of the collection, he boosts flowers and taunts big patterns, he's rock and wildly sixties

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a Charteuse-de-Parme-DSC_9496

The wisteria overflowed in spectacular foliage,

I spent my time letting go of my bike, sofa bed, and heading back to other clusters of purple flowers, seen at the crossroads.

Never has spring been so beautiful, so voluptuous.

I approach my goal at this point of the bunches that I flirt with the bumblebees

and overhears the noises of houses, the gurgling of a tap,


a child's laughter, the sonorous voice of a teleworking man.

Floral indiscretions that obsess me at night, a drawing whose logic of verticality I undo by offering it to you in a diamond version

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a Le-Monde-de-Peter-Pan-DSC_9495

One day I fell in love with an idea:

small paper umbrellas ...

Then I forgot them ...

Then there was the confinement. I opened drawers.

And there was the deconfinement.

So I went to the sea.

And I planted in the sand the tiny banners of my newfound freedom.

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a Les-Jardins-de-la-Reine-DSC_9558-ae

Pampered two whole years before seeing the light of day,

it's a royal entrance!

Each in his camp, the pink bouquets question the blue bouquets, on a white background, synonymous with purity and grace.


Quintessence of the romantic flower that I dynamite with turquoise and gold glitter, interpreted painting style.

Dreamed for a wedding or a garden party ...

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