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Published on 09/23/2020


Fall Winter 2019-2020 Collection


Anne-Marie feeds on her travels, and if her painting recreates the purple maples of Kyoto,

for me it is an ocean, a fire, a dazzling, a palpitation,


"Carte blanche" told me Anne-Marie, my artist friend.

Atelier Anne Marie

Journées Portes ouvertes

Vous serez les bienvenus au 87 allée du Lac Inférieur, au Vésinet (portail rouge)

atelier n°19 sur le plan du Vésinet mis en pièce jointe. J'aurai à votre disposition un dépliant avec les ateliers des artistes de nos 3 villes.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer, dans le respect des règles sanitaires en vigueur.

 Anne-Marie Pansart
06 09 33 81 56


I can't wait to appropriate the colors.

In mirror, upside down, duplicated, augmented, the painting takes on a textile dimension.

Graphics, the knife slice edges , the purplish blue cabochons fragments.

Azure, translucent pinks, traces of anise and matt white offer an evanescent background, a sfumato softening the violence of the reds.

The grain of the canvas and the weave of the fabric blend together.


Thus the painting of Anne-Marie continues her artist life.


Red in all its forms, my signature ... 

Color of joie de vivre, energy, daring and passion.


I needed dresses of course, but also my Miss Lala velvet skirt, theatrical like an orchestra chair,

and also mesh tops that will dynamise the work wardrobe, and also ....

Everything is there! I love it !!!