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Verlaine b

Published on 09/23/2020


Fall Winter 2019-2020 Collection


"The autumn leaf blown by the wind in monotonous circles falls swirling ...

"Ritournelle of our childhood, homage to the poet of all poets, Verlainian landscape.

Golds and purples are set ablaze on a black ground saturated with water.

Mirrored, the zinc blue gray leaves bring a strange light, enriching the palette.


An unfinished test, on a cream cotton poplin.


Leaves thrown like a bouquet left on the sand.

For years, I take it out and then put it away, but I knew it will have a story.


Winter 2020, it's the moment:


From this precise drawing, exquisitely worked, I add my ideas,

I create a movement of the stems

and a fire of autumn colors. 


The drawing of leaves

and this absence of flowers

on a black background

are an quintessence of charm

 for skirts and pants.