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Eté 2017 - Lookbook "Edition Spéciale" Anne Elisabeth Paris x Daria Nelson

Publié le 20/06/2017

Lookbook "Edition Spéciale"

Anne Elisabeth Paris x Daria Nelson

Daria vit à Paris. Après des débuts photographe, elle se passionne pour la mode et les années cinquante. Elle est fascinée par cette époque glamour où, à l’image d'Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly ou Brigitte Bardot, les femmes n’ont qu’un seul mot d’ordre : être féminine.

Aujourd’hui, Daria se dit « Vintage Girl From Paris ». Vous ne la rencontrerez plus en jean et t-shirt en coton, cette silhouette si élémentaire de notre vingt-et-unième siècle, mais toujours en belle robe corolle ou petite jupe crayon.

Cet amour partagé pour les années cinquante a donné naturellement naissance à une collaboration photo Anne Elisabeth Paris x Daria Nelson, où Daria interprète 5 de nos belles robes virevoltantes de l’été.

« From the very beginning, when I first discovered Anne Elisabeth Paris, I fell in love with the easygoing atmosphere of the dresses she creates. These are not just clothes. A refreshing breeze from Normandie or the heat of Côte d’Azur. While wearing Anne Elisabeth, you immerse yourself in the colorful universe of Paul Cezanne’s famous paintings or any other impressionist/post-impressionist artists for that matter.

What I love the most is that none of the dresses go unnoticed. Each and every one of them provides a very special feeling which reflects on your mood #goodvibesonly. Lots of compliments and a good start of your days are guaranteed indeed.

Dare to be yourself. Become the heroine of the fantasy world Anne Elisabeth Paris created in the most beautiful city in the world and make your Parisian dream come true. »

« I was inspired by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. This dress is simply a classic and also very Parisian. An elegant way to bring glamour into your daily life. »

LOOK 1 - Robe Barcelona en imprimé Mon Prince

« This look makes me think of the South of France, and these tomatoes can put you in such a sunny mood even in the cloudiest day. »

LOOK 2 - Robe Malou en imprimé Tomates

« Wearing this dress, I imagine myself escaping to Provence from the Parisian life just for one weekend, turning off my phone. These natural colors remind me of flower fields and give me a feeling of lightness. »

LOOK 3 - Robe Talons Aiguille en imprimé Soap Opéra

« This dress is actually my favorite ! Whenever I wear it I feel like the queen of Cannes summer nightlife. I have my own rose garden thanks to Anne Elisabeth Paris. »

LOOK 4 - Robe La Duchesse d'York en imprimé Flamenco

« This dress reminds me of impressionist paintings, so picturesque and these colors... so beautiful ! This is the perfect choice for a weekend at Deauville's beach with a big hat and sunglasses, to listening to the ocean's waves. »

LOOK 5 - Robe Talons Aiguille en imprimé Orientales


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Photographe : Sacha Reznik

Edition : Carolina Lavado