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La Carte Cadeau de 20 euros

20,00 €


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Offer an Anne Elisabeth Gift Card!

Order as you like: our 20 €, 50 € and 100 € cards can be combined. These cards are nominative.

They will be sent to you free of charge and slipped into a nice envelope (itself folded in a kraft envelope).

We will store the gift card in our database in the name of the person. She can use it for 1 year in our stores or on our site!

Manual :

At step 3 of your order:
• Indicate her name and surname.
• Leave a message stating whether you would like to receive the gift card at home, directly to the selected person, or if you would like to pick it up at the store.

At step 4 of your order:
• Check "Retrait en Magasin à Paris "

Collect several gift cardsto form the amount of your choice!

Z Carte Cadeau 50 eurosCarte Cadeau de 100 euros
La carte mesure 14 x 14 cm et sera livrée dans son enveloppe 15 x 15 cm.