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The universe of Anne Elisabeth is rich in stories, anecdotes, inspirations, poetry, imagination, dreams. Through this blog, Anne Elisabeth shares with you all she loves, which today constitutes her daily life and her collections.

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  • Formica


    ethnographic, minimalist print.


    An old friend, this design ...

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  • Spring Summer 2021


    Dare I reveal to you the secrets of a past year, a paradise of time regained?

    Is it possible that last year at the same time, in that time of unbelief and then of astonishment, I was creating without leaving my home, without friends, digging out treasures of ingenuity to develop a collection in your image?

    Draw twelve months in advance, according to the schedule of my profession, photograph innocent flowers, listen to the song of birds, paint without understanding what my brushes were telling me?


    DAY 34, the beds of spirea blooms near the Mexican orange tree. One hour of freedom, I photograph, throwing my bike against the fences, collecting wisteria all along my route, CHARTREUSE DE PARME takes shape. In time I get home, go back to my den, stir up shelves and memories. Oh hey !, FORMICA, this minimalist so fifties, I give him life again, he will be the perfect mediator in my pictorial overflows. And this skirt found in a trunk, it looks like boats, ATLANTIQUE was born.


    Every day I write in my little notebook. DAY 35, DAY 40 ...

    The summer of 2020 was an unfinished summer, LES JARDINS DE LA REINE remained in abeyance. And KITCH is disguised as a blooming midnight blue background ... While BAYADERE, printed a thousand times loved, I will tell you ...

    I had kept small paper umbrellas. Unconsciously they are linked to my creative path, psychoanalytic should I say, suggesting a world of gluttony, I take you to Never Land, in the World of PETER PAN.

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