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The universe of Anne Elisabeth is rich in stories, anecdotes, inspirations, poetry, imagination, dreams. Through this blog, Anne Elisabeth shares with you all she loves, which today constitutes her daily life and her collections.

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  • Fragments


    Anne-Marie feeds on her travels, and if her painting recreates the purple maples of Kyoto,

    for me it is an ocean, a fire, a dazzling, a palpitation,

    I can't wait to appropriate the colors.

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  • Verlaine b


    "The autumn leaf blown by the wind in monotonous circles falls swirling ...

    "Ritournelle of our childhood, homage to the poet of all poets, Verlainian landscape.

    Golds and purples are set ablaze on a black ground saturated with water.

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  • Winter 2020, collection of suspended time.


    March, somewhere a saxophonist repeats his jazz tune over and over again. A little dress of my sixteen, faded pale yellow becomes TURTLES.

    An unfinished test with a cream background, improbable and long buried, becomes VERLAINE.

    I re-color RAINBOW, while BOURRASQUES stands out as the calm and universal drawing.

    April, I need flowers! Within a kilometer, I immortalize the lawns carpeted with BOUTONS D'OR. At the corner of a street, blazing, I shoot L' ARBRE WITHOUT NAME. Search within yourself and find materials right around the house.

    June, at my painter friend's house, I linger in the studio, the Kyoto maples explode in FRAGMENTS. Then I escape, get on my bike and continue my roadbook through a village far to the north, scanning the shutters and straining my ears with lots of INDISCRETIONS.

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